Changes to our practice during the time of Covid-19

Our commitment to your safety has always led procedures at our practice and these will be continuously reviewed in order to keep everyone safe.

We will contact you before your scheduled appointment to explain which procedures we will be following in order to treat you safely.

Questions you may have

Are you trained? (Coaching)

Yes By World Coach Institute and In Christ International Bible College

Are Payment Plans available? (Coaching)

Yes schedule a session and that will be discussed. Once you purchase an eBook please download the file! It will disappear after 30 days which is told to you in the email with the files.

Are your services Refundable?

No once you sign the contract you are obligated to do the work, if not the desired results will not be accomplished concerning coaching. Prophetic calls are not included in this.

Can Services Be Rescheduled?

Yes they can at least 24 hours via email or text and reschedule must be completed before 72 hours passed

Statements of Fact

You must be accountable to do the work or coaching is not for you. You must follow the prophetic instruction Coaching is not consulting, I do offer consultant services through the prophetic that is bible based but that is not the same as coaching. When you do the work your desired goals are easily attainable Sessions can be recorded if you desire (personal use only) All services are client centered


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