Changes to our practice during the time of Covid-19

Our commitment to your safety has always led procedures at our practice and these will be continuously reviewed in order to keep everyone safe.

We will contact you before your scheduled appointment to explain which procedures we will be following in order to treat you safely.

Questions you may have

When can I book an appointment to continue my treatment?

Once we have seen all our urgent cases and when we are able to start routine dentalcare again, we will contact our patients with outstanding treatment to find a time for you to visit.

I'm in pain or have a swelling, can I come in?

If you have a dental emergency you can call us for advice and leave a message. If it's during the week we will get back to you within 24 hours. On a weekend, if it's urgent, please call NHS 111.

When can I book an appointment for a check-up or a clean?

We're only able to see a maximum of 2 - 4 patients a day due to Covid-19 dental care regulations.
As a result we're first only seeing patients with urgent or ongoing treatment. Once those patients have been seen we will send recall cards for routine examination again.

What changes to the practice can I expect during Covid-19?

This may change subject to public health guidance. Our current procedures (July 2020) are:

  • The dental team will be wearing full PPE throughout your visit (gowns, face visor, and face masks)
  • There will be a 1 hour gap between patients to allow time for extra cleaning and ventilation.
  • There will only ever be one patient on site at any time. Please ring the bell when you arrive and try not to arrive early.
  • There will no longer be magazines, toys and newspapers in our waiting room as they are difficult to disinfect.


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